Dieselboy Playlist for DJCB Dinner Vol. 4

In July of 2016, Damian Higgins aka Dieselboy joined forced with Chef Bryce Shuman and the Betony team to put together a unique dinner tasting for 25 people at Black Flamingo. The dinner revolved around the five tastes: sour, bitter, salty, umami, sweet.  Given Dieselboy’s love for cooking it was only natural that he would take this opportunity to leave the decks in the hands of various curated playlists, to represent the five tastes, while he got down in the kitchen.

Here are the Five Tastes playlists plus an opening Drum N Base mix and a closing mix. Enjoy!


1. Carrot, Finger Lime, Tadka 2. Chicory, Creme Fraiche, Wheatberry 3. Corn, Huitlacoche, Cotija 4. Beet, Sour Cashew, Amaranth 5. Australian Black Truffle Marshmallow

Sour Course: Strawberry, Acorn, Olive Oil.

Bitter Course: Bitter Greens, Wild Herbs, Buttermilk.

Salty Course: Millet, Jobs Tears, Yeast.

Umami Course: Squash, Sheeps Curd, Summer Truffle.

Sweet Course: Pretzel, Caramel, Milk.

Chocolate Truffles: Negroni, Beet Caramel, Celery & Peanut, Appel & Sorrel, Corn & Parmesan.


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